The CO.AS.IT. Board of Management is made up of 13 directors who volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of the Italian community. The board is made up of representatives from Italian community organisations and elected members.

The current list of directors on the CO.AS.IT. Board of Management is listed below 

Gilda Campbell
President/Public Officer
Elected Member

Tina Taddeo
Vice President
Elected Member

Joe Scalzi
Elected Member

Lisa Canale
Elected Member

Maria Chabrel
Bene (IBF) Representative

Frank Naso
Saint Hilarion Representative

Domenic Musolino
APAIA (Association of Pensioners and Older People in SA) Representative

Angelo Fantasia
CIC (Coordinating Italian Committee) Representative

Vincenzo Libri
Elected Member

Christian Verdicchio
Elected Member

Jeff Fiebig
Consultant to the Board

To become a board member of CO.AS.IT individuals must be a member of CO.AS.IT. and have the support of two existing board members to be up for election at an annual general meeting. Nominations from current employees or board members of an agency already represented on the board (CIC, APAIA, Bene, St Hilarion or PISA) are not eligible for nomination to the board.

Board positions are for a term of two years. Should a vacancy become available a member may be co-opted to the board till the AGM. For more information please contact the office.