Volunteering with the Italian community can have some wonderful advantages and is like becoming part of a new extended family. Volunteering benefits individuals and the general community through the development of social networks, building self-esteem, learning new skills, improving employment prospects and feeling satisfied about helping the community.

You do not need to be from an Italian background to volunteer with the Italian community, there are many things you can be involved in. It doesn’t matter if you are older or younger or in between there is lots of ways to participate. Some roles that volunteers can be involved with include;

  • Administration
  • Assisting with transport eg bus driving
  • Friendly visits
  • Fundraising
  • Group Assistants eg tombola, exercises,
  • Preparing meals for Mensa (the Lunch) or day care programs
  • Preparing and delivering meals into people’s homes

People learning the Italian language will also benefit from volunteering with the Italian community through experiencing the culture and practicing their Italian skills!

For more information on volunteering or if you would like to be linked to an Italian organisation or program matching your needs please contact the office or by email on