At Co.As.It. (SA) we provide various information and education sessions. It is our mission to advance the wellbeing of the Italo-Australian community and keeping our community informed is an important part of this process.

Some popular topics include:

  • Navigating the aged care system
  • Understanding ‘My Aged Care’
  • Manual handling
  • Food safety
  • Health and Wellbeing





Our goal is to continue improving the quality and breadth of information we provide to the community.

If you have attended a Co.As.It. (SA) information session and would like to offer feedback or if you have any suggestions for future topics of interest please complete the below form. We welcome all feedback and strive to continually improve what we do!



If you would like to book an information session or if you have any further questions please contact the Co.As.It. (SA) office.

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