Building wellbeing and resilience across the ageing Italian community

Co.As.It. (SA) has partnered with the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre (‘the Centre’) within the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (‘SAHMRI’) to build wellbeing and resilience across the ageing Italian community.

Each area of PERMA contributes to an authentic and sustained sense of wellbeing and research has proven that an increase in PERMA may increase resilience and give a boost to mental health.

The Wellbeing and Resilience Centre recently added three additional constructs to provide a more comprehensive measure of wellbeing, optimism and resilience. These are Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep, resulting in a measure known as ‘PERMA+’.

Co.As.It. (SA) in partnership with the Centre have translated and delivered the PERMA+ program in Italian for the first time. This partnership has transferred capability to Co.As.It. (SA) to embed and sustain a culture of wellbeing and resilience that has since been shared across the Italo-Australian community.
Co.As.It. (SA) is committed to:

There are a wide range of benefits associated with building an individual’s wellbeing and resilience. There are numerous studies that demonstrate that wellbeing interventions are effective in enhancing wellbeing outcomes – life satisfaction, gratitude, psychological wellbeing, resilience, hope, positive effect as well as reducing depressive symptoms, negative effect and pessimism.

Increasing the psychological resilience of individuals will:

  • Grow personal agency and responsibility regarding individual wellbeing;
  • Build capability to overcome adversity;
  • Develop individual skills in emotional self-regulation and positive coping strategies;
  • Prevent depression and anxiety;
  • Improve physical health; and
  • Improve problem solving and decision making skills.

How can you get involved?

All Co.As.It. (SA) members and volunteers are eligible to take part in our PERMA+ training for free.

If you are interested in participating or would like further information please contact Co.As.It. (SA) directly so that we may assist you!

For more information click the link below to learn more about wellbeing and resilience trainings for older people

Education services

At Co.As.It. (SA) we provide various information and education sessions. It is our mission to advance the wellbeing of the Italo-Australian community and keeping our community informed is an important part of this process.

Some popular topics include:

Recommendations & feedback

Our goal is to continue improving the quality of information we provide to the community.

If you have attended a Co.As.It. (SA) information session and would like to offer feedback or if you have any suggestions for future topics of interest please complete the below form. We welcome all feedback and strive to continually improve what we do!