Stay Active For Wellbeing

Building wellbeing and resilience across the ageing Italian community

Italian Seniors ‘stay active for wellbeing’

In 2018 Co.As.It. (SA) launched the Italian Seniors ‘Stay Active for Wellbeing’ Exercise Program in collaboration with The Society of St Hilarion Inc. Aged Care and the University of South Australia (School of Health Sciences).

The exercise program is tailored to the cultural and linguistic needs of ageing Italo-Australian community. The exercise program focuses on aerobic and strength training which has been shown to:

It is our aim to ensure exercise programs continue to be run and remain accessible to the ageing Italo-Australian community in South Australia.

For further information on session times and the locations of our Italian seniors exercise programs please contact the Co.As.It. (SA) office.


The Italian Assitance Association

Our goal is to continue improving the quality and breadth of information we provide to the community.

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Full program - stay active for wellbeing


Exercise 1 - sit to stand

Exercise 2 - elbow curling

Exercise 3 - Side Stepping

Exercise 4 - normal pace walk

Exercise 5 - cycling

Exercise 6 - Shoulder press

Exercise 7 - calf raises

Exercise 8 - single limb stance

Exercise 9 - standing leg curl

Exercise 10 - shoulder rolls

Exercise 11 - wall push up

Exercise 12 - side leg raise

Exercise 13 - toe the line

Exercise 14 - lateral raise

Exercise 15 - punches