Volunteering with the Italian community has some wonderful advantages and is like becoming part of a new extended family. Volunteering benefits individuals and the general community through the development of social networks, building self-esteem, learning new skills, improving employment prospects and feeling satisfied about helping the community.

You do not need to be from an Italian background to volunteer with the Italo-Australian community and it doesn’t matter what age you are as there are many ways to participate. Some roles that volunteers can be involved with include:

  • Administration
  • Assisting Italian social group programs
  • Assisting with transport (e.g. bus driving)
  • Preparing and delivering meals into people’s homes
  • Friendly visits

We work with a number of volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) across South Australia and within the Italian community to ensure people are placed in the right volunteer role. This also includes major volunteering organisations such as Volunteering SA and NT.

Volunteering plays a valuable role in sustaining healthy, resilient communities and contributes significantly to the quality and vibrancy of the Italian community in South Australia.

Please get in contact with us and let us find the right volunteering role for you!

Italian Community Volunteer Awards

Co.As.It. (SA) pays tribute to all volunteers in our community each year by hosting the Italian Community Volunteer Awards.

The volunteer awards aim to recognise individuals who have given their time generously to the Italo-Australian community in South Australia.

Each year a ‘Young Volunteer Award’ and ‘Senior Volunteer Award’ are awarded to individuals whose volunteer contributions and achievements have made a significant difference to the Italo-Australian community in South Australia.

If you know someone who has freely given their time for the benefit of the Italo-Australian community please get in contact with the Co.As.It. (SA) office and nominate them for this year’s awards!